Discover Your Passion

Passion has two important aspects in life. One, your ultimate purpose of life and the other sex. Emotion of sex is most powerful. we can conserve and channelize it to fulfill our purpose. Osho has written a very wonderful book “Sex To Samadhi” (supreme bliss). Having read this book, my perspective towards sex changed altogether. Although on reading the title of the book, the impression that one gets is that Osho is advocating sex, but NO, what he is actually advocating is to channel the sex energy to achieve the supreme bliss. The purpose of Tantra Vidya is also the same.
Here my intention is a little different. First of all, let us understand what sexual energy is all about and where it resides in our bodies. Sexual energy is at the root of our sexual organs, in the form of semen in men and in the form of eggs in women. What food we eat, what we drink, and pranic nourishment through panchtatva (Earth, Water, Sun, Air and Space) is used to build, repair and preserve our bodily strength. However, the essence and purest of everything is converted into semen and eggs because procreation is one of the main objectives of nature. We can observe this fact in fruits as well. The sweet and tasty stuff around the seeds exists to protect and nourish the seeds. That is the reason why, in ancient Indian wisdom literature, the preservation of semen is emphasized so much upon.
The human life is divided into four ashrams, namely,
I. Brahmcharya ashram (from birth to twenty five years of age)
II. Grahastha ashram (from twenty five years of age to fifty)
III. Vanaprastha ashram (from fifty years of age to seventy five, where one fully indulges in social service or pursues one’s passions)
IV. Sanyas ashram (from seventy five years of age to hundred)
It has been suggested that in Brahmcharya ashram, till the age of twenty five, one must avoid all sexual conduct and focus all energies on studies and learning in order to build a great life.
In the Grahastha ashram, the sole purpose of the sexual conduct, between a husband and wife, is to procreate. Once a disciple asked his master: How often or frequently one must have sex ? The learned master replied: Only when one wants a child! The disciple again inquired: What if it is not enough? The master replied: Once a year. The disciple once again asked: What if even that is not enough? The master said: Once in three to six months or once a month. Even now the disciple appeared dissatisfied and wanted to speak again and ask more. So, the learned master said: You must carry a shroud (kafan or a piece of cloth to cover a dead body) and do as you please.
Tantra vidya is an art of indulging in sexual pleasures without ejaculations and preserving the semen for higher attainments called (siddhis). Yoga too is a science of uplifting sexual energy, for the attainment of supreme bliss through kundalini jagran, without indulging in sexual practices, i.e. while being a Brahmachari.
Here my purpose is not to teach you either tantra vidya or yogic sciences to awaken kundalini, though these are useful practices and have been practiced by many great Indian leaders and spiritual scientists for the attainment of higher objectives. Here I am just willing to share some of the simple and useful tips from my research and experience. However, before I proceed, let me ask you a few questions.
•Do you want to awaken the genius in your children?
•Do you want to save your children from deadly diseases?
•Do you want to double, triple, or increase your energy by many folds 24×7?
•Do you want to have a sound sleep?
•Do you want to do something, at your level, to bring an end to all sorts of sexual misconduct in the society? Every minute a rape or an assault is reported in offices and even at our homes!
•Do you want to resolve all sorts of sex problems, for which people go to “neem-hakeems”, and have a good sex life?

If the answer to any of the above questions is in “Yes”, I would like to share with you one of the six secrets of ultimate living, the S.O.U.L., which is one of the flagship programs that I conduct in Hastinapur one of the historical places in Delhi-NCR.
This practice has been taught by all the 24 teerthankars, Adinath to Mahaveer to all the people living in households aged 6 months and above.
There are six Jain Sutras, of “Swasth Ji-van”, which help us preserve and channel sex energy for greater well-being. “Swasth” is not the literal translation of “Being healthy” but far more than that. Swasth is one who is comfortable with oneself in body and mind, can stay and enjoy with one’s own self, and never feels lonely.
The Six Sutras of “Swasth Jivan”:
I. Stop consuming all animal and dairy products, i.e., meat, milk, curd, whey, buttermilk, ghee, all the dairy products and its by-products. Reduce the consumption of oil, sugar and salt to the minimum. Whole plants based foods are the best. Famous and research based China study diet also suggest the same.
II. Stop eating when your hunger is a little less than satiated. Never over eat!
III. In your meal, the food should be of a very few varieties. Prepare as few dishes as possible. One dish at a time is the best.
IV. Stop all eating immediately in case of any health crisis, like fever, cough and cold, vomiting, and all kinds of pain.
V. Always sleep right.
VI. Love your body and take utmost care of it.

First of all, let’s talk about dairy products. Milk (and its by-products) is a Viagra. Milk is for their kids not for you and your kids. Animals grow very fast and procreate. When human beings take any animal’s milk, their sex appeal, sex drive and sex desire also increases before time due to this, females experience menses before teenage, and many even before the age of 9 years. Boys and girls frequently talk about sex and watch pornography. Though they are not indulging in physical sex, their thoughts start to continuously revolve around the subject and subsequently their body starts responding to each and every such thought.
Milk diet adds fuel to fire. Most of the youngsters get used to discharging their semen even without sexual contact and even start experiencing nightfall, not to speak of masturbation.
My main concern here is that milk is responsible for unrestrained sex emotions and loss of potential sex energy. At times the urge is so high that people seem to forget what is right and what is wrong. Right from teenager boys to senior citizens, people indulge in sexual misconduct, even within their family.
If you nurture a child only on his mother’s milk and after that on fruits, vegetables and whole cereals, grains and nuts, the child will grow healthy and will be able to practice brahmacharya and preserve potential sexual energy in the form of semen for greater success in life, i.e., better health, better emotional strength, better concentration, and better memory. He will not indulge in sexual misconduct easily. Even an adult will be more faithful towards his spouse.
Most of the sex related issues will be solved and their relationships will improve.
I have seen a number of yogis, saints and brahmacharies uncomfortable with their sexual desires. I always ask them to immediately stop taking milk and its products and gauge the results. Other-wise even a person like Gandhiji struggled a lot to break free from such impulses.
There’s an age old saying: “As the food, so is the mind”.
People are very fond of milk for centuries so it is very difficult for them to get rid of this habit it can be done by replacing animal milk with soy milk and milk of almonds which is very nutritious and healthy.
In order to preserve and channelize sex energy, the right way to sleep is also very essential. In ancient Indian cultures, it was called “yognidra”. The modern medical science also lays too much emphasis on a sleep which is sound and without dreams, as it energies the body at fast rate.
Now, in order to have a good night sleep, there are some do’s and don’ts which are as follows:
• No television before sleep but you can have green tea.
• In summers take a bath before sleep.
• In winters soak your feet in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse them with cold sponge before sleep.
• Lay on the bed on your back without pillow, feet one and a half foot apart, hands six inches apart from the body.
• Allow your body to relax.
• Auto-suggest your each and every part of your body from head to toe to relax.
• This is the posture of your “yognidra”.
• If you can remain in this posture for 10 to 15 minutes, it will relax your body completely.
• If you can sleep in this posture, this is the best posture for it.
• However, this posture will be difficult for a few people. Such people may turn on their left side taking care that their genitals are free and do not press against the bed, which is the second best way.
• In no case one must sleep on your stomach.
• And finally never fall asleep with your head in the North.
So, these are some of the gentle ways to safeguard your sexual energy from destruction, which then can be harnessed into action and finally you may be able to achieve great accomplishments.

Art of loving yourself

Discipline making friends with bliss and fun.

Blisscipline, the fun-term coined by Dr. Jain, suggests that unless pleasure is a part of the discipline regimes, people would never follow them.
He pays careful attention to the comfort of people, and to a certain extent that is necessary to allow the participants to liberate their fears and doubts.

With a clear and transparent mind, the participants are requested to join the coach Dr. Jain and give their best efforts towards achieving their health goals.

When the great people related to the field of medicine and vaccination are constantly confirming that it is going to take a total of 16 to 24 months to eradicate the Corona virus, until then, the danger of getting the infection remains as worrying as it is now.

Amidst the pandemic, when humanity is facing setbacks in almost all fields, people gravitate towards depression.
The news that floods the drawing rooms these days are dreadful.
Someone has lost his job; one has no shelter, lack of food and the devastating deaths.
It is important for you to understand the situation, but also keep a sane mind. You need a balance between optimism and reality.

With the biggest health organizations of the world laying stress on the importance of health and immunity, a number of researches are mushrooming and coming up every other day with their own methodologies to improve immunity.

It puts you in a box of confusion.

How do you decide which to choose?

Moreover, the bigger question- How do you believe whether or not, they are authentic?

The 6-day health programs initiated by Dr. Jinendra Jain and his qualified team take their practices and ideologies from the ancient Indian Vedic texts.
Integrating the relics of literature from the past to the present-day scientific approaches and analyzing them rationally.

Simple measures that work on the significant parts of the body that are lacking in vitality, and result in the bolstering of the inner strength. This health program, introduces two sets of rituals, which you can easily exercise at your houses.

Let us take you slow and steady through the rituals that could make you feel positive and full of blossoming hopes.

For the next six days, drown yourself in the essence of your spirits, and go by the rituals.

1) Morning Rituals

● Wake up early before sunrise.
For that, you need to make sure you hit the sack by 8:00 pm, and have already left for the dreamland by 9:00 pm.
According to the historical texts, the hour between 3:00 am and 4:00 am is called the spiritual hour. As the creativity in our veins surge and boom to its fullest. A golden hour you can utilize to take the crucial decisions of life.

● While in bed, turn into a sitting position with your back straight (Vajra Aasan) and practice slow breathing.

You need to be aware of the 4-1-4-1 pattern. As already mentioned, it is advisable to take six breaths per minute.

Now, you can easily do the math for each of the ten seconds. Slowly inhale air through the nostrils for the first four seconds, and then hold the air inside for one second. Now slowly, exhale the air out through your mouth for the next four seconds. Again, hold for one second before you start with the intake of air. Retention of oxygen in the process energizes the cells in the body.

● While in bed, express gratitude to the people who bear importance in your life. It can be your parents, relatives, friends and teachers.

● Affirm

– I love myself and accept all my flaws and strengths. – I trust life. I know life is safe, and I can work on my dreams. – I am willing to change when I need to. – I am willing to forgive when I need to. Pledge the above oaths to yourself.

● While in bed, sit with a straight back and do the butterfly movement with your folded legs.
Alternatively, lie back on the bed, and spin a cycle in air with your legs raised up. Then, get out of the bed and do some proper stretching.

● Take a quick one-minute shower with cold water. Sit on your toes. (Pour the water first on your navel, then the genitals followed by the legs and the upper part of the body)

● Sit in the Vajra Aasan position, and practice deep breathing.

It is an important process and should be paid special attention. You have to perform the entire process in three cycles.

For each cycle,
– You need to practice an intake of 30 deep breaths.

– For each breath, inhale air through the nostrils. Try to fill in your lungs to the maximum capacity. Move your shoulders a little behind to allow the thoracic cavity to expand. Then exhale the air out through the mouth.

– After completing one cycle, as you release the air through the mouth, hold yourself for one minute. Do not try breathe in. Seal all the outlets of your body one by one, in that duration. Squeeze your anus (Mul bandh), suck in the gut (Udyan bandh) and close the mouth (Jalandar bandh). Finally, inhale the air your body eagerly wants to. Again, hold the breath inside for 15-20 seconds. Again, squeeze your anus, suck in the gut and close the mouth. Then, at last release.

– Begin with the next cycle. And, repeat the above process.

People suffering from acidity, gastric issues and irritation tendencies, are advised to follow the process especially.

● Kunjal Kriya
Practice the exercise around 5:00 am to reap the maximum benefits.

All can perform the exercise for the first two days but those suffering from constipation, acidity issues and constant headaches are advised to repeat the process for all the six days.
Sit on your toes and drink lots of warm water. When you have filled yourself enough, stand near the washbasin and bend, compressing your stomach. Vomit out the water. You can also mildly rub your fingers at the back of the tongue, to induce vomiting.

● Relax. Compose yourself and get down to some reading. You can write too. Share your dreams, aspirations. Your thoughts can also appear in the form of small notes. The improvements you wish to see in yourself or the changes you want to bring to your life.

● Sharp at 6:00 am, book yourself in a corner where you can avail the bright beams of the sun and fresh air.
Practice Surya Namaskar. It is one noble form of exercise which does not require any equipment, and can potentially burn a considerable amount of calories in 30 minutes.

2) Evening Rituals

● Take your dinner by 6:00 pm. After your dinner its advisable only to consume green herbal tea (self-made) if required, and the last intake of food (solid or liquid) should be till 8:00 pm. Milk should not form a part of your diet.

● Avoid the use of social media, and other entertainment platforms.

● Before you go to sleep, make your own bed. Change the bed sheets and the pillow covers regularly, if you can.

● Take a shower. Use warm water. If you are inconvenient with taking a bath, massage and clean your feet instead.
Fitting pedicure should be done. Dip your feet in warm water, mixed with Epsom salt. In addition, trim the nails if required.

● Pratikraman (Revisit the day) Contemplate over the activities you performed during the course of the day.

● Write a journal.
You do not need to complicate it with heavy information. Write about yourself. The problems you have come across, while maintaining the fasts.
Appreciate your progress, no matter how little they are.
You have wanted to eat something out of the mentioned routine, but you have restrained your cravings. Or, how you have pushed your own best, for example, doing three more repetitions of Surya Namaskar than yesterday is a huge achievement. Write it all.

● Practice the art of forgiving.
Forgive yourself. Along with the people who wronged you. Express gratitude to each and everyone, who is responsible for your health and well-being.

● Apply a tinge of coconut oil to your navel, and apply some mustard oil (Sarson Tel) or Deshi ghee to your nostrils.

● Kayot-Sarg I am not the body. I am not the mind. Who am I?

Take any casual position, and relax your muscles.
Meditate and drop your body to the surroundings. Then, leave your mind and abandon its restless thoughts. Allow your soul to identify itself and go for a stroll in the spiritual space. You will find yourself closing your eyes and falling asleep.

A quick revision on the rituals you need to take note of throughout the day. (With reference to breakfast, lunch and dinner)

– Food Meditation
– Sit in the Vajra Aasan position and focus on your breathing.
– Pratikraman (Revisiting the day)
– Express forgiveness and gratitude.
– Kayot-Sarg (Dropping the body and mind, and giving wings to your soul)
– Rituals, efficacious and reasonable, and do not involve the use of many equipment or other resources.
– Incorporate the rituals in your routines for the next six days, and discover a spiritually richer, healthier and better you.

If you are interested in joining the online health-programs, or wish to get in touch with the team of Dr. Jinendra Jain,
Contact Number : 8279489932
Email address :

Success Engineering

Success is a word which attracts everyone, right from children to youth and elderly. Success not only means getting through or standing first in an examination, but also it may mean a number of things to different people. We all are acquainted, at least a bit, with the taste of victory in sports or success in some competition. But there are some who enjoy the feeling of success even in defeating their enemies.
Thus we can easily infer that the meaning of success may vary from person to person. So, in order to get success, the first step is to clearly define our own definition of success. And this should be done in written. If you ask me to write my definition of success, it will be something like this:
“Physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being”
Now, it’s important to explain it in detail. What is the meaning of every single word or what do you mean by it. Every person imbibes even the meaning of words in his own unique way. I will define the words used in my definition of success as follows:
By physical well-being I mean a disease free body, because I believe and I know as well that if the body is disease stricken, no accomplishment can ever be enjoyed.
For mental well-being, it’s very important to be free of any worries. It also means dealing with every situation proactively.
By social well-being I mean financial freedom, abundance of resources and good relations with the people.
My meaning of spiritual well-being is: Equanimity, keeping a mental indifference towards happiness – sorrow, respect – insult, profit – loss, popularity – unpopularity, success – failure, victory – defeat. I say so because this everyone knows and understands that every circumstances, all the time are not completely in our hands.
Roman philosopher Epictetus wrote a beautiful prayer – “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference”
The first step towards success is the clear definition of success. It means the setting up of a goal. Set a timeline to it as well, no matter if you have to move it ahead even.
The second step towards success: choose your role model who attained success in alignment with your definition of success, who inspires you. It’s not necessary that such a role model is somewhere near you or far, or even dead or alive.
Thereafter choose a mentor, a guiding star or a well-wisher who can help you in achieving your goal. This person can be your role model, your teacher, an acquaintance or family member, or even a stranger. His services for you may be with some kind of fee or absolutely free.
If you cannot get inspiration from someone in person, put an idol of your source of inspiration at your place of work just like Eklavya did.
The third step towards success is self-study: regular study of the teachings, books, audios or videos as prescribed by your mentor, role model or well-wisher. After much deliberation on all of these, plan your success formula; and in alignment with this plan, set up and work upon the smaller or larger goals.
The fourth important step towards success is self control, concentration or focus: meaning leaving aside all the other activities apart from those which assist in achievement of your goal. You should have just one thing in your mind all the time, while you are awake or asleep, sitting or standing. There should be a complete prohibition of all the other things, activities, such as moving about hither and thither without any aim or purpose. You must gather all your energy and put it into the realization of your goal. You neither need to do anything outstanding nor any hard work involved to focus, you just need to give up all the unimportant things which distract you from your goal.
You must de-clutter your space and life. Remove all the unimportant things from your study room, study table and your house. Unimportant things distract our attention and destroy the energy of our body and mind due to which we develop a lack of concentration and there is an increase of various diseases. The easiest way to do this is to choose all the necessary things that you need from all your paraphernalia and do away with the rest. There should be only a set place for all the things that we need and all the things should always be at the right place.
The fifth step towards success is that you must love yourself: in order to love ourselves, it is important that we forgive everybody (ourselves even) for the little mistakes and even blunders that were committed. Many times it is very difficult to forgive. You must realize what exactly anger is. It is punishing oneself for the other’s mistake and keep doing the same for a long period of time. Now, this is the biggest hurdle in success. It is a bad habit and it can be easily given up.
Always feel great, be happy, praise your self for all your accomplishments- small or big. Save yourself from inferiority complex which you develop when you recall your mistakes over and over again. Take good care of your health, regularly work out for some time, take healthy food and get sleep for at least six hours daily. Whenever you look at the mirror, see yourself and smile. Your self confidence increases by leaps and bounds when you like yourself, take care of yourself and dress up nicely.
Last but not the least, the key to success is in your thoughts: Form a clear picture in your mind of whatever you want to do, be, or achieve in life. Truly believe that everything that you desire is already yours. Imagine a successful life. It is an established fact that whatever we want from the innermost core of our heart, whatever we believe, think and feel, we only get that.
Success engineering is based on my 2 day workshop “Programming your mind to success” useful for those who want to discover their calling and fulfill their dreams effortlessly.

Love The Ultimate Wisdom

Pothi padh padh jag mua, pandit bhaya na koy, Dhai aakhar prem ke padhe so pandit hoy.
According to Kabir, a sufi saint of India, “Many people are fond of reading books n books but they never acquire wisdom, but the person who understands the meaning of a single word LOVE becomes noble and learned.
What is love ?
What does it mean ?
Wow to love ?
Wow do you know you are loved ?
What is self love ?
One fine morning when I got up quite early, these questions arose in my mind while in meditation. These were questions, just like “Who am I”, chasing me for so many years. I read so many books of great teachers, so many people talked about unconditional love and motherly love. But what is love? What is the real experience? That was my question.
In those moments of inquiry and meditation I felt sudden enlightenment, as I had got the right answer. At the time of break-fast I asked my wife, Sushma: Could you please explain to me what is love? How do you realize you love someone? What happens in those moments? My wife, who often used to complain that I do not love her, could not reply and looked into my eyes for the reply.
I said: When you are 100% present in the company of someone, you are in love. You are deeply connected with the other. Sushma immediately responded: Yes, this is what I have been trying to tell you for more than 30 years.
We discovered the secret of a fulfilling relationship. Though it was not a new thing, it is something just like thoughtless state about which so many great teachers have talked about. In relationships, sometimes it happens naturally with someone without any effort. You are thoughtless and deeply connected with someone as if it were the first time you are meeting someone and you fell in love. That’s why it is said first impression is the last impression.
With little effort and practices you can do it with every person you meet. This will not only make your relations more fulfilling but also you will feel so much relaxed and peaceful at the same time. You will get all the benefits of meditation.
Usually when we talk about love, immediately we think of male – female, girlfriend – boyfriend and sex. But love and sex are two different emotions. That is why I have kept them under separate headings. The basis of every relationship is only love. True love means your 100% attention and presence. These are the only ingredients which make any relationship fulfilling.
Love is the quality of your awareness without judgments. When you are non-judgmental, acceptance also happens. Then you accept people as they are and that is when people feel at home in your presence. They experience the feelings and emotions of love. This is the basic need of all beings, not just human beings. I want to change Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The need of love should come before the need of food and shelter. Love is the most fundamental need of human being and all living beings.
Why are there so many relationships issues? It’s just because the most essential element is missing and very few fortunate people get and experience it. What is the solution? Charity begins at home! We should start loving ourselves then only we will be able to really love others.
Loving ourselves? This would seem to be more difficult! How do we know how to love ourselves? Solution is the same as how to love someone, i.e., being 100% present with you,yourself.
If you can truly love yourself, you will never feel lonely. Once a disciple asked his teacher,“Why do some people feel lonely”? His answer was,“It means he is in bad company”. If you can accept and love yourself the way you are, then you can really enjoy yourself.
When you fall in love with someone, for that moment, life is not the same. Every thing becomes so beautiful and you are on the top of the world. Why do we say that you have fallen in love with someone? It is because your ego has fallen and now you are concerned more about other’s will. However, in my opinion, because this feeling of well-being is dependent on others, if something goes wrong with others, you become so much more miserable than ever before. When you start loving yourself you actually rise in love because there is no danger of falling.

Power of self love
Love is the supreme emotion. When you are in self love, you are deeply connected with yourself, your inner core, your soul and you are ready to connect with others too. When you are connected with others you are also connected with yourself that is why moments in love are so fulfilling.
Louis Hay says: I find that when we really love and accept and APPROVE OF OUR-SELVES EXACTLY AS WE ARE, then everything in life starts working. It is as if little miracles are everywhere. Our health improves, we attract more money, our relationships become more fulfilling and we begin to express ourselves in creatively fulfilling ways. All this seems to happen without even our trying.

Love Yourself, Heal Your Life:
Could you imagine that just by loving ourselves, we can resolve most of the problems in our lives? We will discover our true calling. We will feel encouraged to pursue our passions and we will start building a life around that, meaning, doing exactly what you really love. You will fulfill your dreams effortlessly while staying peaceful.
Many of world’s problems can be addressed, such as many physical and mental diseases, suicidal tendencies, child abuse, crime against women, poverty, hunger, malnutrition. In order to bring change in the society we need to grow up emotionally. Human beings collectively are very immature emotionally. There is a thing called emotional intelligence, and we haven’t privatized it. We have focused primarily on developing our scientific, physical, mental and technological capacities while seriously neglecting our emotional development.
Just imagine what would be possible if every child was taught how to be deeply compassionate with themselves and others. If we simply learn to process our emotions in a healthy way, we would keep our hearts open, we would be more compassionate and all of our relationships would be far healthier and more fulfilling.
Love is a powerful healing medicine. Love is a powerful tool to success. Love for yourself and for others gives you lots of energy plus motivation to achieve success. If we can engage ourselves in the activities we really love we can achieve success beyond imagination. We can fulfill our dreams effortlessly.

Some Do’s And Don’ts:
As I mentioned earlier: to experience love is so easy, just stay in the present to present yourself this wonderful panacea of all illness and happiness. I know some of my readers may still be perplexed as to what exactly to do and what not to do in order to taste the nectar of love. Let us learn, step by step, how to love scientifically. Just doing first 3 things your energy level will be doubled.

I.Forgive everyone including you and set yourself free from all past experiences. For most of us it may not be so easy but it’s the very essential first step. Forgiveness can even cure a disease like cancer.
II.Accept yourself the way you are. I mean your color, caste, your birth, your body, your strength and your weaknesses.
III.Love your body: Love all your body parts, all organs, all cells for wonderful work. They perform at their optimum when you love your body as much as you love your car or motorbike. Then you will stop putting all the junk food inside it. You will definitely do some exercise to keep it fit and you will allow your body to relax.
IV.Stop criticizing and start appreciating yourself.
VI.Do what you love and love what you do.
VII.Be willing to change. People can not change but you can change. Some times it may be difficult but just affirm your willingness to change and nature will help you.
If readers still need more guidance on this subject, they may apply for the 2 day transformation workshop, LOVE YOUR-SELF, Heal Your Life based on the philosophy of Louis Hay.