By Subhash Mohanti, a participant
The ancient Indian culture is coming alive! What our sages said thousands of years ago is now being researched world over.
The field of bio-energy is evolving by the day and studies on the plant and animal world will soon translate and demonstrate what energy meta-physicians have known all along — that humans can heal each other simply through energy transfer just as plants do.
Dr. Jinendra Jain is a practicing holistic healer. Very early he understood this intrinsic relationship between man and nature and was keen to encapsulate this learning into practical and easily maintainable day to day format which not only improves physical vigor, but also enhances mental wellbeing; a combination of which helps transform our overall health.
He trained for many years under world renowned Gurus, coaches, trainers (Indian/international) in subjects of natural healing, meditation (Vipasana/ Dynamic/ Transcendent), cooking, organic farming, organic living, knowing your potential and self actualization, etc.
He has extensively researched on health, wealth, relationships, engagement with nature and happiness encrypted in various healing systems, therapies and practices, applying scientific research, and feedback to evolve a near flawless uninhibited technique for holistic care that is easily doable.
Although he successfully runs a family business in textile printing in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, Dr Jain was attracted to the art of healing human lives and developed his unique system which he calls “Shatawashyak Aarogya” an innovative concoction of six simple daily techniques and practices that enhances both mental and physical health and creates an aura of peace and tranquility around human lives.
Dr Jain’s programme is life changing, and a sure shot success recipe for people’s fight to lead a disease free life. He has successfully conducted over 60 workshops as retreats in India and transformed lives of hundreds of his students; some of whom are now being groomed to be trainers with the visionary objective of creating a disease and medicine free India.

A large number of people across the country who reposed faith in Dr Jain’s healing programme have seen real benefits. Says, Srinivas Viswanathan, an Informational and Technology professional from Chennai,“For me the programme has been life changing. My energy level has improved considerably, I feel healthier, my family relations have improved, I am more focused and more composed, my food consumption has reduced by at least a third and addiction to junk eatables has disappeared!”

Priyanka Gupta from Gurugram in North India says, “My frequent health problems like indigestion, perennial ulcers are gone and food craving, especially sweets, has come down considerably. I am now more in control of my physical and emotional problems. Even after the six days are complete, I have not left the programme.”

Yet another beneficiary from New Delhi, Manoj Jain, now feels confident to face life on his own terms. The programme, he believes, has transformed his life completely. “I cannot describe in words the benefit I have got in such a short span. Dr Jain’s forthrightness and friendly disposition is infectious. My work-life balance has improved, my productivity has improved, food intake and medicines have reduced. The pain in my legs has reduced considerably. The terrible fungal infections have also disappeared. I have been able to break the myth around food. Before the programme I could never imagine that I could live without food.”

Mukesh Moolchand Palodia, who also participated in the online 6-day programme said, “My overall experience has been rewarding. With time, I believe I will improve my physical and mental health further. The breathing exercises have done wonders for me. I also feel more energetic and seem to have overcome laziness and my tendency to procrastinate. Reduction of food consumption has been a revealing experience.”

The above are just a few examples, but they represent a universal overwhelming feeling of extreme wellbeing from undergoing Dr Jain’s programme. Many have felt they cannot believe that the change they have experienced was possible. And now they simply swear by it. They are even encouraging relatives and friends to attend the course and see the benefits for themselves.
To retrace your steps, to adapt to nature, to be a recluse for some time during the day, to give up on old habits and most importantly, to admit your follies to yourself are challenges, but not insurmountable. The beginning to a change in your life will essentially start with distancing yourself from the baggage you have carried for so long.
Dr Jain has constructed for you a simple but unique road map. He demands nothing but only six days from you, during which time you must observe some rules he lays down for you to follow. The results are astounding as one can see from the experiences narrated by actual persons. You cannot weigh the benefits in million dollars!

Shatawashyak Arogya has proved to be a potent weapon and a strong immunity booster in the hands of practitioners in the fight against the recent COVID-19 pandemic, something with which we are all coping now.
Fear kills. This is precisely what Dr Jain preaches. He exhorts all to get rid of that fear. A simple programme like Shatawasyak Arogya is doing that to many. So, join and make a difference to your lives.
Jai Jainendra!

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