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I would like to thank Dr. Jinendra Jain ji for designing such a wonderful Shatawashyak Arogyashala – The 6 essentials for Health and Happiness Program Few main benefits I got from this program are: Energy level got boosted dramatically. Now I have same energy level from morning till night. My sleep requirement has also gone down. Now fully energetic and fresh in 6 hours of sleep only. Prashant Getting up early was the biggest challenge I was struggling since long which was achieved blissfully. My relationship with family has improved. I learnt to be calm and still active. I am playing every day at least 2 hours with my kids. Food cravings have reduced drastically and now feel fully satisfied with whatever I eat. Productivity has gone up with improved focus and better concentration level. My worrying and overthinking habits have almost disappeared. Enjoying the new routine blissfully and day now a days is power-packed and very productive.

Prashant Youtuber and blogger profession: IT job

Shatawashak Program 6 ways to connect with Nature has helped me in all aspects of my life… 1. Work life balance : My energy levels are same from morning to evening, so now I m able to manage my work from home and house work activities in more organized way. 2. Relationship All family relationships are flourishing as this program has taught us true essence of forgiveness and Gratitude. Priyanka Gupta 3. Body mind fitness No Stomach pains, 70%less bloating and no stomach pain killers. I am leading medicine free life from last six weeks. 4. Positive parenting This program has helped me to build strong Bond between me and my Son. 5. Clarity of mind for life purpose As The Best module of the program, it has helped my to understand my life purpose.. As a Special mom.. Wanted to help and work with more Special parents . I like to thank Jinendra Jain Sir ,for this life changing experience and Programs.

Priyanka Gupta

I am Dr Rita Bakshi, IVF specialist and chairperson of RISAA IVF International Fertility Center at Green Park, Delhi. I am into the field of infertility, treating both male and female causes like low/nil sperm count, decreased ovarian reserve and blocked tubes. Dr. Rita Bakshi I believe nature has a way of curing many of these problems. While Assisted Reproductive Techniques can help many, but not all. If we are able to reverse some of these factors naturally, it would be a big boon to mankind. Recently I attended Dr Jinendra Jain’s SHATAWASHYAK AROGYASHALA Online 11,12 13 to boost immunity. My relationship with my family improved Fear of Covid 19 has gone I personally benefited by having increased energy levels and becoming physically, mentally, socially and spiritually stronger. My belief in nature cure multiplied many fold.

Dr. Rita Bakshi

Shatawashyak Arogyashala – The 6 essentials for Health and Happiness Program 1. This program has boosted my energy level by 3x and able to complete my work with ease. I have gained complete work life balance. 2. Now I accomplish more without stress. My inner frustrations have vanished, improved relationship with my wife. Srinivas Viswanatham 3.With my improved energy level I am able to play with my 5 year’s old child at end of the day and able to feel fresher while performing all my activities. My body mind fitness has enhanced. 4. Now I am able to interact with my child with more relaxed mindset. Able to take responsibility with my wife to groom my child to her best potential 5. I have realized the purpose of life and able to work towards my dreams with clarity of thought. 6. Another important aspect noticed is my addiction to food has decreased and quality of sleep has enhanced something unbelievable with my current hectic lifestyle !! Thanks to Jinendraji for giving his best with personal care This is the surest and fastest path to breakthrough and attain clarity of purpose.

Srinivas Viswanatham IT Manager

Shatawashak Programme “6ways to connect with nature and Bullet Proof Immunity Programme has brought lots of changes in my life : 1. My energy level has increased by 60% . now i can work more and concentrate more . 2. My thyroid problem has become normal and my other medicines ,which i was taking for last 26 yrs have reduced by 90% . My food craving has gone down by 80% . sugar craving has gone 100%. 4. have lost 4 kgs in 15 days .for losing weight earlier i had joined so many programmes and had spent lot of money but nothing worked . 5. have overcome so many emotional and mental blockages and that has got so much clarity in me to handle difficult situations 6. have overcome my biggest challenge of getting up early in morning and do the exercises . 7. My digestive system has improved by 70% . 8. have improved my relationship with my family by handling and understandings things with clarity . 9. Now with 50 %increase in my immunity level i feel fearless in fighting against corona virus or any other problem . I am really thankful to dr jinendra jain ji for getting this mind and body healing and immunity boosting workshop online and making us understand in a simple way how to connect to nature and heal ourselves from outside and our inner core . I also want to thank dr jinendra jain for his personal handholding and commitment towards his participants .thanks dr jain and the entire team .

Geeta Pathak

Shatawashyak Aarogyashala Boost Immunity Stay Safe Program by Dr Jinendra Jain has brought tremendous change in me 1. Increased my energy 5 X times, now I feel more energetic while doing my daily routine like cooking, cleaning the house, washing clothes doing dishes etc. 2. I have been taking multiple treatments for diabetics allopathy, ayurveda etc done yoga, brisk walking etc and visited multiple leading hospital but no use but with this program my sugar levels have come down to normal without medicines 3. My weight has reduced by 2.5 kgs in six days. 4. have lost 4 kgs in 15 days .for losing weight earlier i had joined so many programmes and had spent lot of money but nothing worked .4. Quality of sleep has improved by 100% now I am able to sleep peacefully and wake up full of energy. 5. Overall food intake has been reduced by 20% without feeling lethargic. 6. Addiction to sugar and food decreased by 80%. 7. My diabetes has been cured in just 6 days, I am medicines and insulin free after struggling for 15 years which is my biggest breakthrough. 8. This program helped me in dropping the belief that: Food is the source of energy Medicines give you health. This program is beneficial in attaining clarity of life and goodness in health. Really want to thank Jinendra Sir and his team ,for giving his best.

Ritu Jain

I would like to thank Dr. Jinendra Jain ji for a wonderful program. I feel more energetic throughout the day. Like so much more energy which earlier would he quite less by half day. I am type 1 diabetic and used to take medicine and insulin. Now with this program I am able to reduce my medication and insulin by half. I would like to thank Dr. Jinendra Ji and his team for the this wonderful guidance.

Usha Jain

This Shatawashyk 6 days online program has helped me as follows. My energy level increased 4 times Reduced 2kgs Clarity of thought. Recorganizing my swadharma. Reduced my procrastination Realizing that food is not the source of energy. Improved relationships. Saving on foods. Thanks Dr. Jinendraji for this course. It has given me so many breakthroughs. I feel every one should explore this course. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. ”

Shobha Gokral

This program’s learnings has made be more deciliplined. Now I follow my regime without stress. My mind has become more stable, my body has become more flexible.. earlier I used to be tired easily, but now whole day I am full active. My concentration has increased, I am more focused and alert by doing one thing at a time.. Breathing technique is wonderful. I ask universe to give more success to Jinendraji as with personal follow ups from participants he take out overall best. ”


Respected sir, I m Deepa Nair from Kalyan. I m a homemaker. I joined this course to get advice on how to get rid of health issues (have fibroids in uterus) This program has helped me get rid of many wrong beliefs. It helped me to connect with nature. I started loving my self. I feel energized n light. Started practicing forgiveness a key to my happiness. I would tag this as a personal spiritual n social wellbeing program. Being part of this program will develop ones physical, social n spiritual aspect, which is missing in our life as well us in our children’s life. My heart is now filled with gratitude to all people coming my way, as I understood holding grudges n anger will take me no where n will make me a negative person. I urge people to be part of this program n feel the difference n bloom gracefully. Through this program I came across few great soul who are helping n inspiring others too. (Geeta Mam n Arun sir) Thank u Sir n entire team of Shatavashak for their guidance, support n motivation.

Deepa Nair

I am SKSoni Age: 57 Associate professor PEC chandigarh I am HEALER of Shatawashayak basic course . Before (12 December 2021) joining this program I was taking all kind of medicine like allopathic by PGIMER chandigarh for CAD and hypothyroid. Ayurvedic medicines since 2010 for low metabolism and constipation (I took zandu pancharisht without break but digestion didn’t improve after it was discontinued. Even homeopathic medicines worked only for the time I took it. So I was in search of some holistic package to cure without all these medicines (around 25 total) Yesterday blood report is really better Showing 1.Lipid profile- we’ll within limits which all going beyond limit This never happened with allopathic medicines 2.Weight =lost 6 kg 3.Sleep cycle improve 4.Energy level improved many times from alway feeling sleepy with headache and nauseous Now no more headaches This all makes me always in peace , energetic, excited but cool inside This is really wonderful change within me bright by this course All Thanks to JJ sir


I am Seema Jhaveri Shatawashyak Healer , I am from Delhi and married in Business family. My hobby is l like to visit new places and meet new people and always ready to help everyone l had Varicose veins problem and was suggested for surgery..!! But during Covid time I joined JJ sir classes which was very helpful to me I used to have swelling and pain in my legs which is no more there l have reduced my Pre Diabetic medicine and my sugar value is coming normal . Now My wrong beliefs that we get energy from food is no more there I have stopped food supplements still my vitamin D is in normal range l was very fond of sweets but now l don’t have any cravings for sweets My Food is also reduced to 50% My energy level has increased I get up early at 4.30 in morning and amm active throughout the day l have reduced Weight also and l am more in intuitive eating and choose healthy food at home abd ver i go. My sleep pattern has also improved and now l sleep on time l stay in joint family and my relations with everyone has improved I stay very happy ant positive throughout the day Thank you JJ sir Shatawashyak Principles have really helped me l try to stay in sunlight for sometime daily With my experience I am ready to help others also.

Seema Jhaveri

Hello Everyone My Name is Neeraj Tyagi , I'm 54 years old from Delhi . I have joined Shatawashyak program with JJ Sir on Aug 2022. This program helped me so much that now I have enrolled for healer course and current going through my healer journey. Joining purpose: Medicine free, weight loss and healthy lifestyle. Medical history. 1.Overweight with stubborn fat since 2019 with low or no energy 2.Got diabetic since 2020 3.Severe acidity 4.Use to feel irritated due to lots of work load and not able to meet the expectations. Results as on today 1) Weight loss – lost 10 kg and still on that journey 2) Suryanamaskaar- reach 72 from 8. 3) No acidity post 7 days course 4)Energy level is high 5)Relationship are good now 6) Reduced Food Addiction 7) Reduced craving for sweets 8)Active and Energetic through the day😊 9) Quality Sleep at night 10) Discipline in every day activities. Special Thanks to JJ sir !

Neeraj Tyagi

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