Shatawashyak Online Coaching Program

Launched in April 2020 based on the principles taught in the residential program has seen just as much or rather much more effective results as people can practise in the comfort of their home and apply their wisdom in their natural environment and adapt to challenges they face everyday with ease

This program has launched to help people boost their immunity and fight corona has seen amazing results and united people from across India and the world.


Day Agenda

Day Agenda

Day 1 :
Understand how to connect with nature six elements (sun, air, water, earth, space and sound)Practice special night, morning and day rituals to energize our body and mind

Day 2 : Understand Shuddhi Yog for cleansing of body and mind

Day 3 : Discover our nature , values and principles of life
Understand 4 purpose of life revealed with complete roadmap to success in life

Day 4 : Understand Vitality
Preserve our vitality and enhance our happiness

Day 5 : Understand how to integrate body and mind rejuvenation for complete bliss in life

Day 6 : Establish a sustainable path to live a healthy life based on shatawashyak principles

Learn the art of love for maximum benefit in all our relationships with self and other

200+ Participants have experienced phenomenal changes and mastered the path to help themselves begin to reverse disease and rejuvenate their lives through this online program with just 15 hours of engagement.

Other programs

  • 1 days challenge to change – One day workshop
  • Art of loving yourself – 2 days workshop
  • Loose weight with Pranic Nourishment – 1 day workshop
  • Gain health with Pranic Nourishment (for prevention and reversal of chronic diseases) – 1 day workshop
  • Management of Healing Crisis / Acute Problems like fever – 1 day workshop
  • Course in Naturopathy – 1 day workshop
  • Course in Stress Management – 1 day workshop
  • Positive Parenting – 1 day workshop
  • Better Sight without Glasses for children- 1 day workshop
  • Love Yourself, Heal Your Life – level 1 – 1 day workshop
  • Love Yourself, Heal Your Life – level 2 – 1 day workshop
  • Love Yourself, Even More – Advance – 2 days workshop
  • Money Consciousness and Prosperity – 1 day workshop
  • 5 Weeks Study Group – 3 hrs per day
  • 10 Weeks Study Group – 2 hrs per day
  • Anger and Forgiveness – Half day workshop
  • Prosperity – Half day workshop
  • Relationship – Half day workshop
  • Career & Success – Half day workshop
  • How to make Lucrative Career out of Profound Service – 1 day workshop
  • Discover your calling – Deep Desire – Passion the purpose of your life – 1 day workshop

Apart from this once in a year 21 days or 7×3 residential retreats will be organized and after three years teachers training course for 7 days will be conducted to train the teachers throughout India and abroad for giving training of above workshops.

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