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Rs.  15000/+18% GST

Shatawasyak Arogyashala Online 6 days 6 Ways Program


In this workshop, We will have advance learning of below points :
  • How to life a medicine free life forever
  • Immunity boost against all diseases (Corona, Heart, Cancer etc)
  • Enhance your memory, focus and concentration
  • Boost your energy
  • Sculpt your dreamlife
  • Realize the 6 cardinal rules of love
  • Manage stress and accomplish more
  • Loose weight with ease
  • Reprogram your mind and body for health

This program is your roadmap to complete sustainable happiness in all dimensions of life

Rs.25,999 Rs.  15,000/+18% GST (Total Amount : 17700/-)

Program Outline

Program Outline

  1. Live training program
  2. Hours a day (6-8 am ) and rest on Audio, Video and Watsapp.
  3. Exclusive 24/7 support and mentoring on whatsapp for total 21 days
  4. Free Membership to closed group health community for lifetime friendship, support and updates

Program details

Program details

6 Essentials for Health & Happiness Online

Refund Policy:

All payments are non-refundable. You may re-register for the same course within one month of the date of your original registration. A Rs. 600 administrative fee will be applied. To change dates you simply must notify in writing before 24 hours before the start time. Once the Course starts or any one leave course in middle due to any reason no refund is due.

Recharge your life with 6 principles of mother nature for amazing bulletproof results.



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