Discipline making friends with bliss and fun.

Blisscipline, the fun-term coined by Dr. Jain, suggests that unless pleasure is a part of the discipline regimes, people would never follow them.
He pays careful attention to the comfort of people, and to a certain extent that is necessary to allow the participants to liberate their fears and doubts.

With a clear and transparent mind, the participants are requested to join the coach Dr. Jain and give their best efforts towards achieving their health goals.

When the great people related to the field of medicine and vaccination are constantly confirming that it is going to take a total of 16 to 24 months to eradicate the Corona virus, until then, the danger of getting the infection remains as worrying as it is now.

Amidst the pandemic, when humanity is facing setbacks in almost all fields, people gravitate towards depression.
The news that floods the drawing rooms these days are dreadful.
Someone has lost his job; one has no shelter, lack of food and the devastating deaths.
It is important for you to understand the situation, but also keep a sane mind. You need a balance between optimism and reality.

With the biggest health organizations of the world laying stress on the importance of health and immunity, a number of researches are mushrooming and coming up every other day with their own methodologies to improve immunity.

It puts you in a box of confusion.

How do you decide which to choose?

Moreover, the bigger question- How do you believe whether or not, they are authentic?

The 6-day health programs initiated by Dr. Jinendra Jain and his qualified team take their practices and ideologies from the ancient Indian Vedic texts.
Integrating the relics of literature from the past to the present-day scientific approaches and analyzing them rationally.

Simple measures that work on the significant parts of the body that are lacking in vitality, and result in the bolstering of the inner strength. This health program, introduces two sets of rituals, which you can easily exercise at your houses.

Let us take you slow and steady through the rituals that could make you feel positive and full of blossoming hopes.

For the next six days, drown yourself in the essence of your spirits, and go by the rituals.

1) Morning Rituals

● Wake up early before sunrise.
For that, you need to make sure you hit the sack by 8:00 pm, and have already left for the dreamland by 9:00 pm.
According to the historical texts, the hour between 3:00 am and 4:00 am is called the spiritual hour. As the creativity in our veins surge and boom to its fullest. A golden hour you can utilize to take the crucial decisions of life.

● While in bed, turn into a sitting position with your back straight (Vajra Aasan) and practice slow breathing.

You need to be aware of the 4-1-4-1 pattern. As already mentioned, it is advisable to take six breaths per minute.

Now, you can easily do the math for each of the ten seconds. Slowly inhale air through the nostrils for the first four seconds, and then hold the air inside for one second. Now slowly, exhale the air out through your mouth for the next four seconds. Again, hold for one second before you start with the intake of air. Retention of oxygen in the process energizes the cells in the body.

● While in bed, express gratitude to the people who bear importance in your life. It can be your parents, relatives, friends and teachers.

● Affirm

– I love myself and accept all my flaws and strengths. – I trust life. I know life is safe, and I can work on my dreams. – I am willing to change when I need to. – I am willing to forgive when I need to. Pledge the above oaths to yourself.

● While in bed, sit with a straight back and do the butterfly movement with your folded legs.
Alternatively, lie back on the bed, and spin a cycle in air with your legs raised up. Then, get out of the bed and do some proper stretching.

● Take a quick one-minute shower with cold water. Sit on your toes. (Pour the water first on your navel, then the genitals followed by the legs and the upper part of the body)

● Sit in the Vajra Aasan position, and practice deep breathing.

It is an important process and should be paid special attention. You have to perform the entire process in three cycles.

For each cycle,
– You need to practice an intake of 30 deep breaths.

– For each breath, inhale air through the nostrils. Try to fill in your lungs to the maximum capacity. Move your shoulders a little behind to allow the thoracic cavity to expand. Then exhale the air out through the mouth.

– After completing one cycle, as you release the air through the mouth, hold yourself for one minute. Do not try breathe in. Seal all the outlets of your body one by one, in that duration. Squeeze your anus (Mul bandh), suck in the gut (Udyan bandh) and close the mouth (Jalandar bandh). Finally, inhale the air your body eagerly wants to. Again, hold the breath inside for 15-20 seconds. Again, squeeze your anus, suck in the gut and close the mouth. Then, at last release.

– Begin with the next cycle. And, repeat the above process.

People suffering from acidity, gastric issues and irritation tendencies, are advised to follow the process especially.

● Kunjal Kriya
Practice the exercise around 5:00 am to reap the maximum benefits.

All can perform the exercise for the first two days but those suffering from constipation, acidity issues and constant headaches are advised to repeat the process for all the six days.
Sit on your toes and drink lots of warm water. When you have filled yourself enough, stand near the washbasin and bend, compressing your stomach. Vomit out the water. You can also mildly rub your fingers at the back of the tongue, to induce vomiting.

● Relax. Compose yourself and get down to some reading. You can write too. Share your dreams, aspirations. Your thoughts can also appear in the form of small notes. The improvements you wish to see in yourself or the changes you want to bring to your life.

● Sharp at 6:00 am, book yourself in a corner where you can avail the bright beams of the sun and fresh air.
Practice Surya Namaskar. It is one noble form of exercise which does not require any equipment, and can potentially burn a considerable amount of calories in 30 minutes.

2) Evening Rituals

● Take your dinner by 6:00 pm. After your dinner its advisable only to consume green herbal tea (self-made) if required, and the last intake of food (solid or liquid) should be till 8:00 pm. Milk should not form a part of your diet.

● Avoid the use of social media, and other entertainment platforms.

● Before you go to sleep, make your own bed. Change the bed sheets and the pillow covers regularly, if you can.

● Take a shower. Use warm water. If you are inconvenient with taking a bath, massage and clean your feet instead.
Fitting pedicure should be done. Dip your feet in warm water, mixed with Epsom salt. In addition, trim the nails if required.

● Pratikraman (Revisit the day) Contemplate over the activities you performed during the course of the day.

● Write a journal.
You do not need to complicate it with heavy information. Write about yourself. The problems you have come across, while maintaining the fasts.
Appreciate your progress, no matter how little they are.
You have wanted to eat something out of the mentioned routine, but you have restrained your cravings. Or, how you have pushed your own best, for example, doing three more repetitions of Surya Namaskar than yesterday is a huge achievement. Write it all.

● Practice the art of forgiving.
Forgive yourself. Along with the people who wronged you. Express gratitude to each and everyone, who is responsible for your health and well-being.

● Apply a tinge of coconut oil to your navel, and apply some mustard oil (Sarson Tel) or Deshi ghee to your nostrils.

● Kayot-Sarg I am not the body. I am not the mind. Who am I?

Take any casual position, and relax your muscles.
Meditate and drop your body to the surroundings. Then, leave your mind and abandon its restless thoughts. Allow your soul to identify itself and go for a stroll in the spiritual space. You will find yourself closing your eyes and falling asleep.

A quick revision on the rituals you need to take note of throughout the day. (With reference to breakfast, lunch and dinner)

– Food Meditation
– Sit in the Vajra Aasan position and focus on your breathing.
– Pratikraman (Revisiting the day)
– Express forgiveness and gratitude.
– Kayot-Sarg (Dropping the body and mind, and giving wings to your soul)
– Rituals, efficacious and reasonable, and do not involve the use of many equipment or other resources.
– Incorporate the rituals in your routines for the next six days, and discover a spiritually richer, healthier and better you.

If you are interested in joining the online health-programs, or wish to get in touch with the team of Dr. Jinendra Jain,
Contact Number : 8279489932
Email address : jaijinendra1503@gmail.com

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