Success is a word which attracts everyone, right from children to youth and elderly. Success not only means getting through or standing first in an examination, but also it may mean a number of things to different people. We all are acquainted, at least a bit, with the taste of victory in sports or success in some competition. But there are some who enjoy the feeling of success even in defeating their enemies.
Thus we can easily infer that the meaning of success may vary from person to person. So, in order to get success, the first step is to clearly define our own definition of success. And this should be done in written. If you ask me to write my definition of success, it will be something like this:
“Physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being”
Now, it’s important to explain it in detail. What is the meaning of every single word or what do you mean by it. Every person imbibes even the meaning of words in his own unique way. I will define the words used in my definition of success as follows:
By physical well-being I mean a disease free body, because I believe and I know as well that if the body is disease stricken, no accomplishment can ever be enjoyed.
For mental well-being, it’s very important to be free of any worries. It also means dealing with every situation proactively.
By social well-being I mean financial freedom, abundance of resources and good relations with the people.
My meaning of spiritual well-being is: Equanimity, keeping a mental indifference towards happiness – sorrow, respect – insult, profit – loss, popularity – unpopularity, success – failure, victory – defeat. I say so because this everyone knows and understands that every circumstances, all the time are not completely in our hands.
Roman philosopher Epictetus wrote a beautiful prayer – “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference”
The first step towards success is the clear definition of success. It means the setting up of a goal. Set a timeline to it as well, no matter if you have to move it ahead even.
The second step towards success: choose your role model who attained success in alignment with your definition of success, who inspires you. It’s not necessary that such a role model is somewhere near you or far, or even dead or alive.
Thereafter choose a mentor, a guiding star or a well-wisher who can help you in achieving your goal. This person can be your role model, your teacher, an acquaintance or family member, or even a stranger. His services for you may be with some kind of fee or absolutely free.
If you cannot get inspiration from someone in person, put an idol of your source of inspiration at your place of work just like Eklavya did.
The third step towards success is self-study: regular study of the teachings, books, audios or videos as prescribed by your mentor, role model or well-wisher. After much deliberation on all of these, plan your success formula; and in alignment with this plan, set up and work upon the smaller or larger goals.
The fourth important step towards success is self control, concentration or focus: meaning leaving aside all the other activities apart from those which assist in achievement of your goal. You should have just one thing in your mind all the time, while you are awake or asleep, sitting or standing. There should be a complete prohibition of all the other things, activities, such as moving about hither and thither without any aim or purpose. You must gather all your energy and put it into the realization of your goal. You neither need to do anything outstanding nor any hard work involved to focus, you just need to give up all the unimportant things which distract you from your goal.
You must de-clutter your space and life. Remove all the unimportant things from your study room, study table and your house. Unimportant things distract our attention and destroy the energy of our body and mind due to which we develop a lack of concentration and there is an increase of various diseases. The easiest way to do this is to choose all the necessary things that you need from all your paraphernalia and do away with the rest. There should be only a set place for all the things that we need and all the things should always be at the right place.
The fifth step towards success is that you must love yourself: in order to love ourselves, it is important that we forgive everybody (ourselves even) for the little mistakes and even blunders that were committed. Many times it is very difficult to forgive. You must realize what exactly anger is. It is punishing oneself for the other’s mistake and keep doing the same for a long period of time. Now, this is the biggest hurdle in success. It is a bad habit and it can be easily given up.
Always feel great, be happy, praise your self for all your accomplishments- small or big. Save yourself from inferiority complex which you develop when you recall your mistakes over and over again. Take good care of your health, regularly work out for some time, take healthy food and get sleep for at least six hours daily. Whenever you look at the mirror, see yourself and smile. Your self confidence increases by leaps and bounds when you like yourself, take care of yourself and dress up nicely.
Last but not the least, the key to success is in your thoughts: Form a clear picture in your mind of whatever you want to do, be, or achieve in life. Truly believe that everything that you desire is already yours. Imagine a successful life. It is an established fact that whatever we want from the innermost core of our heart, whatever we believe, think and feel, we only get that.
Success engineering is based on my 2 day workshop “Programming your mind to success” useful for those who want to discover their calling and fulfill their dreams effortlessly.

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