We can lend India an armor to defeat Corona.

– How can we strengthen immunity, and work upon our bodily line of defenses using simple and one-fold measures?

The hustle and bustle of daily life, following the old mundane routines, is what we have gone around doing and fretting upon always, until the lockdown.
Since the last two months, we have been thrown out of our normal spheres of life and plunged into loads of leisure time. Now, when we have the spare time available, we can actually delve into a rational discussion about a certain issue that majorly influences the crisis the world is facing.
The top nations, including the United States of America, China, France, England, India, etc. are caught in a tight spot when it comes to the preparation of life-saving vaccines or any competent medications. Every day, we witness huge debates taking place to consider the various possibilities relating to immunity, health and the innate bonds they share.

Let us begin with a simple question first.

Do we ever realize that during the course of a day, we involve ourselves in a number of activities, but how many out of these are actually benefiting us?
Sometimes, we find ourselves clueless, sticking to the adamant aspirations, or just for the sake of maintaining a momentum in life, we go, beating around the same bush; constantly putting reminders and memos on phone, scribbling the sticky yellow notes every once in an hour, adhering to rigid schedules, investing our body and mind in a hundred useless pursuits.

The answer is a straight no.
Moreover, we do not even reflect on this because we, the busy little beavers swamp ourselves with work.

What is extremely important to note here is, in this process, we damage our health largely and weaken the defense system of our bodies. Disturbingly enough, we have accustomed ourselves with these practices, some being: over-exerting our brains and muscles at the workplace, unbalanced lifestyles; and if we break it down further, then, the bumpy sleeping patterns, unhealthy food habits and a lot many more.

Immunity, according to ancient Indian culture, is considered as the inherent power gifted by God, existing in every individual in perfect design. It stands tall to protect us at all fronts; be it the emotional strength we require, or the physical guard of the body fighting diseases, or even the intellectual discretion.

However, in this modern world, only a few medical institutions or government organizations ever lay stress on the art of health management. Interestingly, we find many such large-scale groups sharing banters at great lengths regarding several diseases and their treatments. Unfortunately, they have never ventured on the proper development of our health.
Even the existing education system has ignored the importance of health, and has made no significant attempts to emphasize its utilities.

It is unacceptable how we are conditioned to follow a stiff set of instructions, and unbelievable, how we pay negligible attention to what constitutes the vitality in our life.

The Covid-19 pandemic engulfing the world raises urgent questions on the health problems suffered, and the concepts of immunity.

In such a time of chaos, we have Dr. Jinendra Jain, a 62 year-old law graduate from the Delhi School of Economics and an eminent alumni of SRCC; with honest intentions, coming forward with an effective health program, to revive the slackening immunity in our systems.

He has integrated a set of six principles, which will render the body, mind and soul the required healing and a holistic development. These six principles are based on efficient scientific analysis ingrained in the essence of all the valuable literature available on historical Indian philosophies and Vedic wisdom.

Successfully delivering over 60 workshops in the span of two years, he puts his firm belief in collective and sustained efforts. Always encouraging people to explore their inner strength and rekindle their droopy confidence, he strives to reach out to each one in need. A generous being, determined to serve the people of his nation during the current difficult time, Dr. Jain has prepared a special 6-day health program which is successfully operating from digital platforms.
In this phase of lockdown, when everyone stays put, imprisoned at home, they can still avail the benefits from the innovative and healthy curriculum, and rebuild their immunity by participating in the current online campaigns that he holds – two hour long sessions, twice a day.

Let us take a quick glance at the six pivotal principles formulated by Dr. Jain and his research team, that can provide you with optimum results within a time-bound frame.

1) In this big universe, we are not alone. We ought to realize that.

The entire world does not revolve around us. We need to expand the horizon of our minds and blend in to the surroundings. Our existence is a mere part of a dynamic cosmos, and we need to stay connected to all its elements. The sun, the air we breathe, the water, the ground upon which we place our feet steadfastly, every sound we perceive; we should dedicate ourselves to imbibe the divine teachings from them.

Isolating oneself sitting in a cubicle in front of a display screen, as we used to, or now that we are confined to our homes, we cannot pick our favorite corner on the bed and pass our time fleetingly. We should be attaching ourselves to the serenity of nature and forming a robust connection with it.

2) Changing to an organic way of life is not enough.

The pollution levels have gone down recently. However, if we look at the present scenario, a dangerous and potent infection is still taking lives, and in plenty.
Pollution in its various forms can aggravate the amount of toxins in the body. Even without it, there certainly are toxins produced in the body, and need to be eliminated.

3) Swadharma (Study of the self)
Who am I?
What is the purpose of my life?

We often neglect these spiritual questions. We term them as “baseless”. According to a recent world survey, 87% of the population is not satisfied with their jobs and occupations. Stepping into an endless rat race, undergoing rejections and failures because of the wrong paths chosen, can potentially make us forget the purpose of our life. The core study of the self is the only way that guarantees you happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

4) We are losing the living in us.
Vitality is the treasure we are all called to preserve.

Loss of will and vigor, especially in these days of turmoil can harm the health.

Waking up tired, not having the bare minimum interest in anything at all can be a regular phenomenon. What can we do? Well, we can shake off the weary spirits and move forward towards a change to deal with the situation at hand.

5) Discipline is a complete bliss.
Well, is it always?

We all agree, it is difficult to get discipline and bliss on the same platter.
Discipline is always rigorous, and sometimes a nimbus that follows you around the entire day.

However, not maintaining discipline will create an imbalance in life. Rising early three consecutive days and then meeting the sun at noon, is something that’s not coherent and of zero value. A steady bunch of rules should be followed, but they are supposed to be molded in a manner from which pleasure can be derived.

This is where Blisscipline comes to the picture. Dr. Jain coined the term, focusing on how discipline should be merged with a few favors to the self, so that we can enjoy a disciplined life.

6) Be kind to the ones who made us turn around for good.

Kindness does not always bear the definition of charity.

Donate and contribute to the ones who have made positive impacts on our life and influenced us to be better individuals.
In addition, we have had a long-running practice in the Indian culture of giving “dakshina” to teachers, doctors, or any, from whom we gain learning or benefits.

Dr. Jain, elaborates on the above six principles in his sessions. People suffering from diabetes, thyroid malfunctioning, and blood pressure issues have shown incredible improvements in their health conditions after taking help from these programs.

He tends to establish the idea that peace and health are the only two gems humanity should strive and preserve. Right now is the best time to offer our souls some solace through the medium of contemplation and yoga. Reignite the inner potential to increase the chances of fighting back against the pandemic.

As predicted by scientists from all across the globe, Corona and its deadly impacts cannot be wiped away instantly.
Boosting immunity is the only stable resort. Taking aid from Dr. Jain’s health programs could be a game changer. We could protect ourselves and look forward to a long, peaceful life ahead.

Join the campaign, be a part of the ‘Make India Fit’ movement, and do your best to overcome the major challenge.

If you are interested in joining the online health-programs, or wish to get in touch with Dr. Jinendra Jain and his team,
Click on the below link for registering for his webinar :
Email address : jaijinendra1503@gmail.com

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