A life-changing journey of six days
– Goal is to attain a bulletproof immunity

Always feeling tired, the body drained off. The end of a day sees no smile gracing your face. You are not able to push the inertia of your life ahead.
Yes, a sad reality affecting many people, often in a latent manner. Some mornings when you wake up, your spirits seem so weary that they tend to give up on the day already. You still force yourself to leave the bed and start upright. All of such minor problems can form great boulders on the track, and potentially derail you off the ever-changing metal lines of life. It is horrifying to think about that.

Obesity, unhealthy food-eating habits, having daylong sore migraines can disturb the smooth flow of your day-to-day activities. Irregular bowel movements can curtail your pace at work. You are falling helpless to the uneasy consequences of it.

Medicines are always expensive and useless at some points. They never yield a permanent solution.

So, what do you do? How do you achieve your health goals?
Even if they are as plain and humble as – to losing weight, or putting a regulating valve on the rise and dip of your sugar levels, getting rid of the huge bulk of medicines, or feeling a sense of fulfillment in life.

In the ongoing phase of lockdown, the entire world lays arrested in a state of apprehension and chaos. At a time, when the primary needs are challenged, how do you take care of your health and its requirements?

Dr. Jinendra Jain has a one-word answer to all such questions raging in the minds of people.

That is, Immunity.

In the wake of the massive spread of Corona, he has designed a comprehensive set of weekly workshops, held online.
He has even decided to impart his lessons, at a cost-effective rate. The participants need only to contribute their time for six days, attending two sessions each day.

On the other side of the program, incredible healing and enhanced Immunity awaits for them.
Some of the earlier participants, delighted with the benefits of the health programs, often recall their improvements as magical.

Magic exists within.

We need to awaken the power of immunity innately gifted to us. However, the existing institutions of society have always suppressed it.

You too can be a part of the 6-day program and develop a bulletproof Immunity for yourself, thus increasing your chances of defeating the lethal Corona virus.

Let us get you walking on the path to holistic development of your body, mind and soul.

Firstly, some fundamental practices that you would need to incorporate in the daily norms of your personal hygiene, for the next six days.

1) Don’t just breathe.

Feel the breath of air that you take in through your nostrils.
You have formed a vague theory in your mind that regardless of you paying attention to the rate of breathing, you will ever keep respiring. It is an involuntary process.

We neglect the definite art of breathing. Do not take hasty, numerous breaths in a minute. Instead, try to restrict it to an optimum of six times, per 60 seconds. Inhale the air through the nostrils, and to the maximum capacity. Finally, release it through the mouth.

In this way, we could connect to at least a few elements of nature.

2) Food meditation

This will serve as the concrete foundation, for bringing the discipline back to your food eating patterns.

●Assign a suitable time to your meals (breakfast – 8:00 am; lunch – 12:00 pm; dinner – 4:00 to 5:00 pm).

● Start your day with a nourishing glass of fruit juice (obtained by natural means), or vegetable juice, especially for the participants suffering from blood sugar issues, and the ones hoping to lose weight. For lunch, choose a maximum of any four kinds of fruits, based on their availability and the deal with your taste buds. Provide a minimum of 30 minutes for every meal.

● Proper mastication is extremely necessary. Take in sufficient quotas of food and chew them in a well-organized manner. (Every meal should comprise of 32 turns of intake of food).

● Food is the source of energy. Express gratitude towards each being who has contributed to make the food reach your table. Be it the non-living elements of nature, its flora and fauna, farmers, retailers, and your members of the family for cooking the delicious meal. A solemn token of appreciation, needs to be given.

● Enjoy the food you are eating. Fix your attention on its texture. Avoid any distractions. Push the social media platforms aside.
Television or, any electronic gadgets cannot be entertained.

● As you finish every meal, choose a sacred place for yourself. Sit with your legs folded, arms aligned straight and coming to rest on your knees on either sides (Vajra Aasan). Again, with vigilance, watch the rate of your breaths.

3) Practice silence. Reset all your senses to the right directions.

Avoid distractions of any sort. Contain your conversations to required limits, even with your family members.

4) Work while you work. Play while you play.
This is the only way to be happy and gay.

Allow a 100 percent dedication to whichever activity you engage yourself in. Concentrate and maintain a unilateral course of activity at any time, and get maximum success in each.

5) A positive attitude can move mountains.

Cheerfulness is the key to break the tedious ticking of clocks.
You could fill the surroundings with pleasant motivation by placing a serene smile on your face whenever you come across any family member during the stretch of a day.

6) Acceptance: Do not force changes on oneself, or others around.

Be unconditional in your approach. Have a refined basis of judging and analyzing the situations you face. Do not jump to conclusions.
Even during your attempt with this health program, do not suffocate your mind with tons of expectations.

Take it easy.
Imagine you are playing a game. Derive pure fun out of the 6-day journey.

Grade your efforts. In addition to all the above practices, keep an observant check on the results you have obtained at the end of each day’s hard work.

Maintain a Checklist Manifesto. Every single medical institution always regulates the necessary records and vitals of its patients in a methodical way.

Prepare a list, and mark your conditions on a score of 10.

Given below, is a sample checker box that you can use, in creating one for yourself. This will help to understand the progress you have made, and will certainly inspire you to perform better.

The measurements you need to fill in, every day of the program –

● Waist (in inches)

● Weight (in kg)

● Heart push-ups
(Follow the regular pattern of push-ups; only place your hands on the ground forming a heart, exerting your body weight on them)

● Regular push-ups

● Sit-ups

● Breath hold outs
(The number of times, you were able to hold your breath and the durations as well) [An exercise of deep breathing]

● Brisk walk (in min)

● Brisk run (in min)

● Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) [Practice the exercise every morning, around 6:00 am, and count the number of repetitions]

● Addiction to food
(The number of times, you have taken food; a report on the overeating habits; inclinations towards spice, salt, sweet)

● Quality of sleep (in hours) (Duration as well)

● Relationships (Work on the relationship you have with your family members and friends)

● Overall Energy Level
If you are diabetic, (3 times a day) Fasting Sugar Post PP Sugar, BP
Any other ailment (Severe constipation, dizziness, irritation)

● Reduction of medicines

● Purpose of your life (Motives, goals of life)

● Your thoughts on how you have spent the entire day.

● To keep things interesting, and also to maintain visual comparisons, you can paste a photo of yourself each day. Alternatively, make a 1-minute video to express your feelings.

Without the slightest hesitation, you have to put in the information, with honest intentions.

Measurable results will give you satisfaction and uphold your confidence.

In the lockdown situation, wherein anxiety and fear try to get the worse of you, you can follow these efficient six practices exclusively developed by Dr. Jinendra Jain, and upgrade your immunity.
Your spiritual essence can receive requisite amendments, and in the process, significantly fortify and evolve.

If you are interested in joining the online health-programs, or wish to get in touch with the Dr. Jinendra Jain’s team,
Contact Number: 8279489932
Email address: jaijinendra1503@gmail.com

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