Welcome To Soultemple

Welcome To Soultemple

Soul Temple has been conducting experiential programs in the pursuit of complete wellness of body and mind both residential and online for people across all spectrum of life .

The founder of soul temple is Dr.Jinendra Jain with a inspiring vision to touch as many lives he can in his lifetime Jeebhar Jio… Live your life to the full is to live a life without disease.

All participants are taught skills which help them make lifestyle changes and in the process enable you to get rid of those diseases.

Many life-changing seminars and workshops, special boot camps are conducted in the foothills of the Himalayas, and one-on-one coaching programs for three months to a year, where we help you navigate your way to a healthier, and more fulfilling, life – a soulful life.

At Soultemple, learning is a lifelong adventure

Meet Dr. Jinendra Jain

Dr. Jinendra Jain, 64, is a HOLISTIC healer, meditator and researcher on health, wealth, relationships, happiness of humanity since last 40 years in various healing systems, therapies and practices, applying scientific research and feedback.

He has trained several renowned Gurus, coaches, trainers (Indian/international) in subjects of natural healing, meditations (Vipasana/ Dynamic/ Transcendent), cooking, organic farming, organic living, knowing your potential, self actualization, etc.

He holds Masters degree in Commerce from Delhi University (SRCC), has also practiced law in taxation and civil courts.

He is running a successful parental business of Textile Printing at Meerut.


Topic : How to Reduce Weight and Medicines, Naturally ⛄

Obesity, Over-Eating, Excess-Fat, Unhealthy Habits, Choice of Food, etc. are all the prime reasons for the illnesses that we have around us today. We as humans have become irresponsible not just in the environment but also in ourselves . In this interactive session, Dr jinendra jain will talk about these problems and how to get rid of them without depending on medicines .

DAY : Upcoming Saturday


Three Hours Workshop


Three Hours Workshop

Live Session Only

Workshop will be held in Hindi

A childhood filled with trauma

A childhood filled with trauma

The story of Jinendra Jain is simple. In the midst of his business triumphs, Jinendra Jain was faced with multiple health issues.

Am I resigned to lifelong medication and a constant struggle to stay alive? That’s the question he asked himself. His research provided an emphatic answer: no, not at all.

Is Aarogya easy to attain ?

Is Aarogya easy to attain ?

In the decade of the 1980s he was busy running his family business—of cloth printing in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. But various seemingly serious ailments—sinusitis, tonsillitis, IBS, glasses, frequent bouts of fever etc. drained him of all energy; and in his twenties he was facing health issues that afflict people at a much older age.

In the decade of the 1980s he was busy running his family business—of cloth printing in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. But various seemingly serious ailments—sinusitis, tonsillitis, IBS, glasses, frequent bouts of fever etc. drained him of all energy; and in his twenties he was facing health issues that afflict people at a much older age.

Jinendra talks about the four great learning of his life:
Aarogya easy

The role of mentorship

Associated with many coaches, gurus and teachers he understood the essence of a mentor in life. Read More

Medication isn’t the cure.

The answer for most diseases that afflict us is not always medicine. Jinendra discovered Read More

You can tame food addiction

The addiction to food is the leading cause of death in India and across the world Jinendrajj made Read More

A blissful life is possible

Ancient indian literature written by the great sages of India hold the secret to a life of bliss whose Read More

Dream Big Achieve Big

Dream Big Achieve Big

Jinendra Jain is pained to see the world suffer in all dimensions of life whose foundation is aarogya at both physical and mental level . His dream is to establish JJ Happiness University of Research and Education for all round development of human beings across the world.

Jinendra’s mission is to also train at least 100+ coaches with an complete understanding of health and properity to transform lives and keep the legacy of pure nature cure alive.

Flagship Programs conducted in the last 30 years

Enrich Your Life

A masterclass will give you a taste of the Soul Temple experience and what it can help you achieve. You will make your acquaintance with a six-step process to detoxify your six human resources

  • Soul
  • Body
  • Mind
  • Heart
  • Nourishment
  • Living and working spaces.
Youself Heal

Love Youself Heal your Life

Love Youself Heal your Life

Loving yourself is the key to discovering, or rediscovering, love for life and in finding true happiness. It’s a voyage of self-discovery, which leads to getting for yourself a life that you really want. So, to attain your dreams and to be at peace with yourself, first love yourself.

Urja Yoga

The power of Urja Yoga

The power of Urja Yoga

This masterclass demonstrates the great benefits of urja yoga for body and soul. This system of yoga synchronizes the breath with a series of postures—a process that detoxifies muscles and organs. A strong body and a calm mind is what ashtang yoga can give you.

Pranic Nourishment

The Power of Pranic Nourishment

The Power of Pranic Nourishment

A masterclass that shows how to liberate your body from its compulsive demand for food. The power of pranic nourishment gets you to shed your food addiction and instead opens up non-food sources of replenishment and energy. This is sure way to shed extra kilos effortlessly.

Power of Shatawashyak Arogyashala

Power of Shatawashyak Arogyashala

Over a period of time all of us become creatures of habit. They are habits that are self-defeating and impede our growth in all dimensions of life let they be physical, emotional, social or spiritual challenges.

The shatawashyak program integrates all the above into one powerful capsule

This masterclass demonstrates how easily we can effect lifestyle changes and set ourselves up for a life of happiness and contentment. A meaningful life is a road worth traveled only when we learn how to overcome food addiction and reduce weight and medicines naturally

A 6 day program which a unique amalgamation from personal experience of conducting workshops with people of all walks of life

Shatawashyak Online Program

Launched in April 2020 based on the principles taught in the residential program has seen just as much or rather much more effective results as people can practise in the comfort of their home and apply their wisdom in their natural environment and adapt to challenges they face everyday with ease

This program has launched to help people boost their immunity and fight corona has seen amazing results and united people from across India and the world.

Shatawashyak Online

Day Agenda

Day Agenda

Day 1 :
Understand how to connect with nature six elements (sun, air, water, earth, space and sound)Practice special night, morning and day rituals to energize our body and mind

Day 2 : Understand Shuddhi Yog for cleansing of body and mind

Day 3 : Discover our nature , values and principles of life
Understand 4 purpose of life revealed with complete roadmap to success in life

Day 4 : Understand Vitality
Preserve our vitality and enhance our happiness

Day 5 : Understand how to integrate body and mind rejuvenation for complete bliss in life

Day 6 : Establish a sustainable path to live a healthy life based on shatawashyak principles

Learn the art of love for maximum benefit in all our relationships with self and other

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Our Team

Soultemple Team Members

Dr. Jinendra Jain (Founder)

Mr Arun Gupta (Advisor)

Manu Gomtesh ( Admin )

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