I am SKSoni
Age: 57
Associate professor
PEC chandigarh
I am HEALER of Shatawashayak basic course .
Before (12 December 2021) joining this program I was taking all kind of medicine like allopathic by PGIMER chandigarh for CAD and hypothyroid.
Ayurvedic medicines since 2010 for low metabolism and constipation (I took zandu pancharisht without break but digestion didn’t improve after it was discontinued.
Even homeopathic medicines worked only for the time I took it.
So I was in search of some holistic package to cure without all these medicines (around 25 total)
Yesterday blood report is really better
1.Lipid profile- we’ll within limits which all going beyond limit
This never happened with allopathic medicines
2.Weight =lost 6 kg
3.Sleep cycle improve
4.Energy level improved many times from alway feeling sleepy with headache and nauseous
Now no more headaches
This all makes me always in peace , energetic, excited but cool inside
This is really wonderful change within me bright by this course

All Thanks to JJ sir

Sk soni