Shobha Gokral

Shobha Gokral

This Shatawashyk 6 days online program has helped me as follows.

  1. My energy level increased 4 times
  2. Reduced 2kgs
  3. Clarity of thought.
  4. Recorganizing my swadharma.
  5. Reduced my procrastination
  6. Realizing that food is not the source of energy.
  7. Improved relationships.
  8. Saving on foods.

Thanks Dr. Jinendraji for this course. It has given me so many breakthroughs. I feel every one should explore this course. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. ”

Shobha Gokral
Age 65 years
Yoga teacher & Heal your life internationally certified workshop leader, life coach.

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