Ritu Jain

Ritu Jain

Shatawashyak Aarogyashala Boost Immunity Stay Safe Program by Dr Jinendra Jain has brought tremendous change in me

1. Increased my energy 5 X times, now I feel more energetic while doing my daily routine like cooking, cleaning the house, washing clothes doing dishes etc.

2. I have been taking multiple treatments for diabetics allopathy, ayurveda etc done yoga, brisk walking etc and visited multiple leading hospital but no use but with this program my sugar levels have come down to normal without medicines

3. My weight has reduced by 2.5 kgs in six days.

4. have lost 4 kgs in 15 days .for losing weight earlier i had joined so many programmes and had spent lot of money but nothing worked .4. Quality of sleep has improved by 100% now I am able to sleep peacefully and wake up full of energy.

5. Overall food intake has been reduced by 20% without feeling lethargic.

6. Addiction to sugar and food decreased by 80%.

7. My diabetes has been cured in just 6 days, I am medicines and insulin free after struggling for 15 years which is my biggest breakthrough.

8. This program helped me in dropping the belief that: Food is the source of energy
Medicines give you health.

This program is beneficial in attaining clarity of life and goodness in health.

Really want to thank Jinendra Sir and his team ,for giving his best.

Ritu Jain
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