Soul Temple, with its registered office at 19, Mohkampur Phase 1st, Delhi Road, Meerut, UttarPradesh – 250002, (“Soul Temple” or “we” or “us” or “our”) operates and manages the online Platform i.e., the website (referred to as the “Platform”). Through our Platform, we present a secure and user-friendly environment where individuals (“you” or “your”) can access a diverse range of courses aimed at enhancing physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being that align with your individual journey of self-discovery, guiding you towards a transformative path to a healthier, more balanced life.

At Soul Temple, we prioritize your satisfaction and experience. We understand the importance of clear terms and conditions regarding Refunds in today’s digital landscape. This Refund Policy outlines the terms and conditions governing refunds for courses availed through the Platform. By using our Platform and purchasing courses, you agree to comply with this Refund Policy.

This document is an electronic record and is governed by the provisions under the Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules made thereunder as may be applicable, and the amended provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures.

By using our Platform to purchase courses, you and/or the other party on whose behalf you are authorized, explicitly consent to be bound by this Refund Policy and agree to be governed by the laws of India. You hereby confirm that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure that before purchasing courses the other party has also been provided with a copy of this Refund Policy and has expressed their agreement with your actions. If you and/or the other party do not agree with the terms outlined in this Refund Policy, we kindly request that you refrain from using our Platform for purchasing courses.

Please read this Refund Policy carefully to understand our practices regarding Refunds. If you have any questions or require clarification about any aspect of this Refund Policy, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care Support .

We strive to offer a transparent and succinct outline of our Refund Policy, simplifying the understanding of conditions related to refunds or any adjustments made during your enrollment .

1. Non-availability :

Should you be unable to attend the scheduled course sessions for any reason, eligibility for a refund is not applicable. Please be advised that the provision of providing session recordings in exceptional cases is entirely at the discretion of Soul Temple. You are kindly reminded that decisions regarding such matters are made solely by Soul Temple, and you do not have influence or authority over these discretionary considerations .

2. Non-Payment of Full Course Fee :

In the event of any advance or partial payment made upon enrollment in our courses, the full course fee must be settled within one month of enrollment. Failure to complete the full payment within this period will result in the inability to attend course classes thereafter. Should the payment not be made within the specified timeframe, you have the option to settle the remaining amount of the course fee within the subsequent three months, subject to an additional 10% charge on the remaining balance. Only upon complete payment, including the additional charge if applicable, will you be allowed to join the course classes. Please note that no refunds of advance or partial payments of the course fee are permissible under any circumstances .

3. Course Resistance :

In light of the inherent nature of our courses, which may encompass challenging activities, it is imperative to note that resistance to course requirements does not warrant eligibility for a refund. You are expected to engage yourself up to the limits your body allows for such activities, as outlined in the course curriculum. Furthermore, it is important to understand that the courses provided by us are designed to promote and improve healthy lifestyles and are not intended to cure diseases. Therefore, participation in these courses should be seen as a proactive measure to enhance well-being and prevent health issues .

4. Course Satisfaction :

It is important to clarify that eligibility for a refund is not contingent upon your satisfaction with the course. Regardless of your contentment, refunds will not be issued once the enrollment process is complete.

5. Force Majeure :

In the regrettable circumstance of course cancellation arising from factors beyond our control such as Natural Disasters, Acts of War or Terrorism, Acts of God, etc., participants will be entitled to a full refund. The reimbursement process will be initiated within 21 working days.

6. Cancellation by Soul Temple : 

In the event that Soul Temple is unable to deliver the scheduled courses and respective sessions as planned, a complete refund will be processed. It is important to note that minor adjustments in dates or timings, duly communicated well in advance, do not fall under this category and are not subject to refund .

In the occurrence of “Force Majeure” or “Cancellation by Soul Temple,” please be advised that refund requests must be submitted by contacting us through your registered email within 14 working days of our communication to you regarding such Force Majeure or Cancellation Event.


While refunds are limited, we encourage you to consider an alternative request. You can request a transfer to the next available batch if you are unable to attend the specified dates. It is important to highlight that the transfer to the next batch is limited to batches occurring within the next 6 months. The 6-month period will be calculated from the end date of the batch you have initially enrolled in and not beyond. Please note that batch transfer requests can be made up to three times, with an administrative fee applicable for each request. For short duration courses lasting up to 6 days, the administrative fee is set at ₹600. However, for courses lasting 7 days or more, an administrative fee equivalent to 10% of the course fee amount must be paid for each transfer request. Additionally, if a transfer request is made after the beginning of the course, an additional fee of ₹1500 is applicable. Furthermore, if you choose to leave the course before its completion, and have already paid the full course fee amount, you have the option to rejoin the classes to complete the course by paying 50% of the course fee amount within the next 6 months from the end date of the batch .

1. Initiating Refund Request : 

To initiate a refund request, please follow these steps: Contact us through your registered email at the email address provided at the bottom of this Refund Policy. In situations demanding urgent Soul Temple’s support, you may contact us from your registered mobile number via phone call using the contact number provided at the bottom of this Refund Policy. However, in all cases, we will require your refund request to be submitted in writing via email to process your request .

2. Information Required :

Please ensure that you provide all relevant details in your refund request, including your course details, reason for refund, and bank account details to expedite the process. Additionally, please be aware that Soul Temple reserves the right to request any supplementary information or details deemed necessary for the resolution of the refund request .

3. Resolution Timeframe :

Be assured that you will receive a resolution to your request within 7 to 14 working days. If you are found eligible for a refund, we will provide you with refund details. If a refund is not applicable, or your request is put on hold, we will Provide you with the reason for the decision .


This Refund Policy and any disputes or claims arising from or related to it shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. Any dispute or matter arising under or in connection with this Refund Policy, including disputes or claims, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Meerut .


Soul Temple reserves the right to update or amend this Refund Policy as needed. Any modifications will be posted on our Platform to keep you informed. We recommend reviewing this Refund Policy periodically to stay informed about our Refunds processing practices. However, please be advised that any modifications to this Refund Policy will exclusively apply . To courses purchased after the effective date of the revised Refund Policy. Courses purchased before that date will remain subject to the terms and conditions in effect at the time of their purchase . 


If you have any questions, concerns, or grievances related to this Refund Policy, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care Support :


Contact Number: +91-8430226467

Address: 19, Mohkampur Phase 1st, Delhi Road, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh – 250002

We are committed to addressing your inquiries promptly and effectively. Your feedback is important to us, and we will make every effort to assist you with any Refund related concerns.

Refund Policy