Priyanka Gupta

Priyanka Gupta

Shatawashak Program 6 ways to connect with Nature has helped me in all aspects of my life…

1. Work life balance : My energy levels are same from morning to evening, so now I m able to manage my work from home and house work activities in more organized way.

2. Relationship
All family relationships are flourishing as this program has taught us true essence of forgiveness and Gratitude.

Priyanka Gupta

3. Body mind fitness
No Stomach pains, 70%less bloating and no stomach pain killers. I am leading medicine free life from last six weeks.

4. Positive parenting
This program has helped me to build strong Bond between me and my Son.

5. Clarity of mind for life purpose
As The Best module of the program, it has helped my to understand my life purpose.. As a Special mom.. Wanted to help and work with more Special parents .

I like to thank Jinendra Jain Sir ,for this life changing experience and Programs.
Priyanka Gupta

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