Neeraj Tyagi

Neeraj Tyagi Testimonial

Hello Everyone My Name is Neeraj Tyagi , I'm 54 years old from Delhi . I have joined Shatawashyak program with JJ Sir on Aug 2022. This program helped me so much that now I have enrolled for healer course and current going through my healer journey.

Joining purpose: Medicine free, weight loss and healthy lifestyle.

Medical history.
1.Overweight with stubborn fat since 2019 with low or no energy
2.Got diabetic since 2020
3.Severe acidity
4.Use to feel irritated due to lots of work load and not able to meet the expectations.

Results as on today
1) Weight loss – lost 10 kg and still on that journey
2) Suryanamaskaar- reach 72 from 8.
3) No acidity post 7 days course
4)Energy level is high
5)Relationship are good now
6) Reduced Food Addiction
7) Reduced craving for sweets
8)Active and Energetic through the day😊
9) Quality Sleep at night
10) Discipline in every day activities.

Special Thanks to JJ sir !

Neeraj Tyagi