Geeta Pathak

Geeta Pathak

Shatawashak Programme “6ways to connect with nature and Bullet Proof Immunity Programme has brought lots of changes in my life :

1. My energy level has increased by 60% . now i can work more and concentrate more .

2. My thyroid problem has become normal and my other medicines ,which i was taking for last 26 yrs have reduced by 90% .

My food craving has gone down by 80% .
sugar craving has gone 100%.

4. have lost 4 kgs in 15 days .for losing weight earlier i had joined so many programmes and had spent lot of money but nothing worked .

5. have overcome so many emotional and mental blockages and that has got so much clarity in me to handle difficult situations

6. have overcome my biggest challenge of getting up early in morning and do the exercises .

7. My digestive system has improved by 70% .

8. have improved my relationship with my family by handling and understandings things with clarity .

9. Now with 50 %increase in my immunity level i feel fearless in fighting against corona virus or any other problem .

I am really thankful to dr jinendra jain ji for getting this mind and body healing and immunity boosting workshop online and making us understand in a simple way how to connect to nature and heal ourselves from outside and our inner core . I also want to thank dr jinendra jain for his personal handholding and commitment towards his participants .thanks dr jain and the entire team .

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