Dr. Rita Bakshi

Dr. Rita Bakshi

I am Dr Rita Bakshi, IVF specialist and chairperson of RISAA IVF International Fertility Center at Green Park, Delhi.

I am into the field of infertility, treating both male and female causes like low/nil sperm count, decreased ovarian reserve and blocked tubes.

Dr. Rita Bakshi

I believe nature has a way of curing many of these problems. While Assisted Reproductive Techniques can help many, but not all. If we are able to reverse some of these factors naturally, it would be a big boon to mankind.

Recently I attended Dr Jinendra Jain’s SHATAWASHYAK AROGYASHALA Online 11,12 13 to boost immunity. My relationship with my family improved Fear of Covid 19 has gone

I personally benefited by having increased energy levels and becoming physically, mentally, socially and spiritually stronger. My belief in nature cure multiplied many fold.

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