Deepa Nair

Deepa Nair

Respected sir,
I m Deepa Nair from Kalyan.
I m a homemaker.

I joined this course to get advice on how to get rid of health issues (have fibroids in uterus)
This program has helped me get rid of many wrong beliefs.

It helped me to connect with nature. I started loving my self. I feel energized n light.

Started practicing forgiveness a key to my happiness. I would tag this as a personal spiritual n social wellbeing program. Being part of this program will develop ones physical, social n spiritual aspect, which is missing in our life as well us in our children’s life.

My heart is now filled with gratitude to all people coming my way, as I understood holding grudges n anger will take me no where n will make me a negative person.

I urge people to be part of this program n feel the difference n bloom gracefully.

Through this program I came across few great soul who are helping n inspiring others too. (Geeta Mam n Arun sir) Thank u Sir n entire team of Shatavashak for their guidance, support n motivation.

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