Vaishali Almeida

Vaishali Almeida

Thank you from my side

Vaishali Almeida
Age 43
Navi Mumbai

First of all want to thank sir Dr Jinendraji, for making such a wonderful program.

Also want to thank specially to Arun Guptaji for helping me to enroll this course, without whose helping wouldn’t have been possible.

As I’m a housewife without any income.
So was finding it difficult to arrange 6k.

Thank you Sir.

About this course, I’m greatful to sir,
Coz of which my cold n sneezing in the morning has become less.

Also asthma tab I have taken once in a day. Where I used to take 2 tab of 400 mg each.

My energy level is increased to a good extent.

Hunger is still a bit challenge as I feel like eating something again after couple of hours.

Would like to enroll again, however due to certain circumstances, I doubt I’ll be able to make in the next class.

If God wish will meet all of you, again.🙏

Thank you Jinendra Sir.

May God open all the path for you to help and encourage everyone.

You meant to cross my path to enlighten me.

May God grant all your wish.

Jai Jinendra

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