Srinivas Viswanatham

Srinivas Viswanatham

Shatawashyak Arogyashala – The 6 essentials for Health and Happiness Program

1. This program has boosted my energy level by 3x and able to complete my work with ease. I have gained complete work life balance.

2. Now I accomplish more without stress. My inner frustrations have vanished, improved relationship with my wife.

Srinivas Viswanatham

3.With my improved energy level I am able to play with my 5 year’s old child at end of the day and able to feel fresher while performing all my activities. My body mind fitness has enhanced.

4. Now I am able to interact with my child with more relaxed mindset. Able to take responsibility with my wife to groom my child to her best potential

5. I have realized the purpose of life and able to work towards my dreams with clarity of thought.

6. Another important aspect noticed is my addiction to food has decreased and quality of sleep has enhanced something unbelievable with my current hectic lifestyle !!

Thanks to Jinendraji for giving his best with personal care

This is the surest and fastest path to breakthrough and attain clarity of purpose.

– Srinivas Viswanatham
IT Manager, Age 46

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