Swati Mehta

Swati Mehta

Namaste To Everyone 🙏🏼

My name is Swati Mehta
Age 47

I am a Creative Artist by Profession.

My Purpose : To have Health and Wellness & a medicine free life.

My Problems were:

✔️ Sinus,
✔️ Back Pain since years

I attended Dr Jinendraji’s 6 Days online Program

This Shivir was meant to show me directions to live a Healthy life.

The changes that I felt after I did this program,

💞 Feeling energized
💞 Feeling Peace.

At present , I cant compare my back pain improvement as before this course also I didn’t have pains for last two months, so if that is improving it will help me compare after two three months.

Thank you to
Shatawashyak and the entire team to keep us motivating in these tough times.

💞 Utmost Gratitude☺