Rina Gandhi

Rina Gandhi

Hello Everyone 🙏🏼

Name – Rina Gandhi
Place- Mumbai
At present – pursuing masters in psychology
Medical issues/ medicine – Nil

My Purpose : continue to live Healthy, happy, peaceful and satisfying life.

I attended Dr Jinendraji’s 6 Days online Program for the first time.

Take away from this full of life program –
1. It is for everyone…I mean even if one thinks he/ she is fit, no weight issues or no past present illness or not on medication.
2. It has been designed in a very beautiful way as it incorporates and touches all the aspects (physical, mental, spiritual, social) of healthy and happy life.
3. The most important thing about this program is Introspection…discovering self….loving and accepting that self.. making peace within
4. The best part is it’s really motivating not only to follow healthy habits but also by means of affirmation, gratitude, mindfulness etc
5. I loved it’s holistic approach which has been created by Dr Jinendraji Jain by integrating various components.

After doing this program I m feeling really peaceful and feel that it has equipped me with all the tools now it’s my duty to make choices.

My heartfelt gratitude
🙏 to Dr Jinedra sir
Shatawashyak program and the entire team specially Arun Sir (singing), Srinivasji, Gita ma’am , all the participants and all who are there behind the curtains 🙏

😊Wish you all happy learning and happy living😊